Waiting List:

We have male Puppies Available!!


         A. Taylor Family (phantom/black M)  (2023)

Stackens Family     (M)





Key:                      + =Repeat Family           

   (M, F, F/M, NP)=Male, Female, prefer Female/will consider Male,  or No Preference   

Before submitting an application, please be sure to check out all of my tabs on this site so that you are familiar with me and know the type of commitment you are signing up for. You won't usually see our maltipoo puppies listed for sale on this page because our puppies are usually reserved before I ever have to list them. So be sure to get added to my waiting list so you won't miss out! :)  Send me an email if you have any questions.  (contact information tab)

***To be added to my waiting list I require a non-refundable $100 fee. This ensures you will be offered a puppy once we have one available that fits your specifications. (Your wait time will depend on how specific your wants are as far as color, size, gender, etc.) 

**I am keeping my waiting list smaller so that I can be more helpful to each family and answer their questions. I want you to have a more personal experience and get to be part of the process of your puppy growing up, starting from birth. This new way will make things easier for me to allow each family to know when their potential puppy's mom is due and they can be just as excited as I am when the delivery takes place. I will not talk you into getting a gender or color different from what you want....I want you to be happy so there is never any pressure to take the first available puppy. (If you tell me "male only", then I won't even get your hopes up when we have puppies if they're girls.)

Please look below at my Waiting List and after you send in a Puppy Application I will get in touch with you ASAP to answer all your questions and let you get to know me. I can help you pay the fee to be added to the list if you decide you'd want me to raise your future puppy. I put you in line in order that i received the fee and according to what color of puppy you are asking for.  

I look forward to working with you!!!    Michele

^^^^This is the reason I had to start taking a fee to be added to my waiting list.....my stack was always 30-40 applications thick and it became impossible to keep everyone straight and to get to know the families on a personal level. I couldn't handle the stress and didn't like having to tell families their wait time could possibly be a YEAR  LONG...so this was the solution. If you commit to  working with me, I'm committed to you and raising your puppy the best way I know how. Keeping my list smaller AND asking for a commitment fee has dropped the amount of applications being turned in which has helped me to be able to spend more time with my family and more time working with the puppies instead of always answering hundreds of emails and sorting through a thick stack of applications.    The wait time for a puppy is much smaller now too!! 

  Thanks for understanding!

** Be sure to send in an application so you don't miss out on these adorable babies!  Send me an email if you have questions! (email on contact page)  Don't let the waiting list scare you away, sometimes people get on the list but have a very specific preference or time of year they want a puppy so it's always a possibility you could get a puppy from the very next litter! 


*There are always different shades so if you are specific about having a lighter or darker color please make a note of that in your application for me. 



             *Black/Phantom                             *Caramel/Cinnamon                 



Razzy & Thor have GORGEOUS cinnamon/dark caramel maltipoo puppies.....2 boys, one girl still available!

Send in an application or email me if you have questions!! Ready to go home now!! puppypassion13@gmail.com

Lots of pics available! :)  They are BEAUTIFUL and sooo sweet!!

Schultz Family      TN            (F)

Daniela's Family      NY       (M)

Graham Family     AL            (F)  *Nov. 2022