Dear Possible Future Puppy Parent(s):
So you are considering one of Michele’s Maltipoo puppies. I, too, was once considering a
puppy. I have always been more of a mutt person, but five years ago a friend adopted a
Maltipoo puppy and I was immediately smitten.
My Maltipoo search was a little scary and frustrating. My breeder experiences
were…disappointing. Still, friends tried to convince me that there are good breeders.
And they were right.
I stumbled upon Michele’s website, Michele’s Maltipoos ~N~ More, and proceeded to
bombard her with endless questions about her practices, beliefs, and environment.
Much to my surprise (and delight), she was just as wary of me as I was of her. Her first
priority was finding the right home for the puppy. She wanted a home that would treat
her puppy as part of the family, one that would keep crate times at appropriate levels,
and one that would be conscious of the needs of a small dog. I found this quite
refreshing. For the first time, I felt like the interviewee, as well as the interviewer.
After several days of texts, emails, phone calls, and of course pictures, I agreed to visit
her home to preview the considered puppy—which, yes, I was totally in love with by this
time, but I still wasn’t sure I wanted to pay a large sum for a dog. And not to get political,
but I have strong feelings about supporting a puppy mill.
First, let me say, Michele is not a puppy mill. These puppies are part of her family. Her
husband and all three of her children help raise the puppies in the sweetest, most loving
environment. After being there only a few minutes, I quickly abandoned my preview
plan and ended up going home with my first Maltipoo puppy that day. I remember
tearing up as I left because I felt like I was taking away their family pet, but Michele’s
daughter, then about 4, was confidently reassuring as she told me “Little Red” was my
puppy now.
Little Red, who we renamed Stacy, is now five and a half years old. She has added so
much joy to our lives that my niece adopted a puppy from Michele a year later, we
adopted our second puppy a year ago, and my sister-in- law adopted one six months ago.
I think it is fair to say, I am very familiar with Michele and her puppies.
All four puppies were crate trained and shots were up-to- date at the time of pickup, just
as Michele promised. She provides excellent care information on her website and
happily answers questions and offers guidance as long as needed. Michele obviously
loves what she does, and has nurtured the same passion in her children, which
undoubtedly helps shape the temperament of the puppies.
Most people I have talked with have a range of concerns about paying a breeder for a
pet. I can tell you I have never regretted paying Michele. Over the five years I have
known her, I have seen the expense and energy she puts into caring for her adult dogs
and their puppies. To my husband, my daughter, & me, our two dogs were worth every
penny. I think my niece and sister-in- law would tell you the same.
I am happy to answer any questions you may still have. Please ask Michele to pass your
contact information to me and I will be in touch as soon as possible.
Best wishes,
 Teresa from TN


 In the past i would connect the interested families with my past families but a lot of times the new potential families didn't want to impose on anyone and would never ask any of their questions. I felt this would be a better way to let you see what past families think about our puppies without having to share email/phone numbers with someone you don't know.  (a lot of our families are still willing to talk in person if you would like)   I'm going to send out a messge to some of our past families who have stayed in touch over the years and I hope they'll give their honest opinions of us/our puppies here for you to see so that you have peace of mind. Here are just a few! :)  **when i ask people if they would like to leave a reference I ask them to be completely honest...I explain that I can't be better at what I do if I don't get honest reviews so I would never ask for someone to send in a review that wasn't true. I want you to know exactly what to expect...that's what makes happy puppies and happy families! :) 


"Stacy & Charlie"

My brother and I both bought maltipoo's from her. She loves what she does .

I have No complaints . He's the best maltipoo ever.

I will definitely go back to her when I purchase my

second maltipoo.maltipoo

Fran in Nashville, TN



I could not be more thrilled with my experience with Michele! I had met one of her dogs at the airport in Nashville and immediately started following her website. About a year later when I was ready for a pup of my own, I reached out, and lucky me, there was a caramel male born 8 days prior looking for a home. I immediately said yes and counted down the days until he was old enough to come home with me. Michele was amazing during this time - sending me weekly pictures and updates on his health and size, answering the many questions I had to make sure I was ready for his arrival, and even putting together a Mother's Day photo shoot to commemorate my first time being a mama! When my baby boy was ready (I named him Pinot because he's my fine glass of wine haha), I flew to Nashville and Michele met me at the airport. It was love at first sight! Pinot is the sweetest, most loving, and downright adorable pup! Random people stop me all the time to tell me he's the happiest dog they've ever seen (we have a running joke that I should put him to work at Disney or as a Wal-Mart greeter, he's THAT happy). I could not be more thankful to Michele for bringing this bright light into my life!

I have since rescued another Maltipoo named Stoli from a hoarding situation. This poor boy was so frightened of humans I couldn't even get close to him. Pinot quickly stepped into the protective big brother role and started showing Stoli the ropes. We've made so much progress in 6 months, and I truly believe we would have never accomplished this without Pinot being the supportive, sensitive, loving boy that he is to myself, his brother, and everyone he meets!

Lindsey from Charlotte, NC


We are so happy to let you know that we've known Michele for at least a year. Just got our second Maltipoo from her and will be getting another one in 2017.
My daughter, an attorney, has researched breeders for several years and we're convinced Michele is the best in the business for this small breed!
Her family socialization model, her passion for breeding and for the puppies, her wonderful children and husband make this whole experience so much fun. She sent us pictures of our fur baby at least once a week and gave us her weight and personality traits as she developed.
My husband, daughter and I have lots of allergies; take daily meds and have taken shots also. These babies have not bothered our allergies.

You wouldn't regret getting a puppy from Michele.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Cecelia from Boston, MA

We got our Maltipoo, Barkley (formerly Little Joe) from Michelle in July (2016). She was easy to work with,
and very responsive to questions, concerns, etc. She clearly loves her puppies, and wants each of them to get
a great home. We live in Birmingham, AL and within a few days of having our new baby home, we took him
to our Vet. Barkley was very healthy and our vet said it was clear that he had been well cared for from
birth until we got him home. He is very cute, very smart, and very healthy, and we absolutely love having him
in our family. There are lots of breeders closer to our home, but if we ever decide to get another Maltipoo,
we’ll definitely go back to Michelle.

Elizabeth D. in Birmingham, AL

I want to talk about my experience with Michele @ puppy passion. She is kind loving and professional animal breeder and rescue person. She is spiritual and will go the extra mile for a client. She brought a beautiful tea cup 15 month poodle into my life. And she brought her to me knowing driving was an issue for me. You will be blessed to work with her.

Sheila J😊 from Nashville, TN


After months of research, my husband and I decided that a Maltipoo would be the perfect addition to our family. We searched high and low for the perfect breeder and came upon Michele’s Maltipoo’s. Her website was full of great information. At first, we were concerned about finding a breeder on line. We contacted Michele and immediately felt comfortable about our decision to move forward with her. The love she has for her pups is unmeasurable. We knew our puppy was in great hands. She sent weekly pictures and updates. She always returned my texts/calls and answered all our questions. LeeLoo, our beautiful Maltipoo, is perfect!!

**UPDATE**  LeeLoo is 4 months today!! She is full of energy, curiosity and is super smart! She has learned several tricks. Sit, shake, high-five, stay, spin, place etc. she loves to play hide and seek and play chase. She wants to greet everyone and is very friendly. This picture was taking after her first grooming. The groomer said she was the most well behaved puppy that she has ever seen. She wasn't scared at all. She just recently went to stay the night at her grandparents house. She puts a smile on every face that she meets. We love her amazing personality. -so blessed 

Brian and Sonya  from Tullahoma, TN

I am not the type of person that comments on message boards or writes product reviews.  But I’m making an exception in this case because Michele is such an exceptional breeder.

 I have learned from my past dogs the importance of having AKC Champion bloodlines.  A dog’s parents have a lot to do with their offspring’s health and temperament. The best way to choose a new dog is to look at their parents.  It makes all the difference in the world.

 In looking for a breeder it’s important to find one that cares more about his or her dogs than in making a sale.  That is Michele.  All of her puppies are her furbabies first and foremost.  Before they are sold, she goes out of her way to make sure there is a fit between her furbaby and a new owner.  Her puppies are of such high quality that people come from all over the country to get a dog from her.

 After we decided that we wanted to buy a Maltipoo I spent a month researching different breeders.  Michele checked all the boxes and even though my husband and I had to travel over 1,500 miles to pick up our new puppy we knew that we were getting the best Maltipoo on the market.

 In addition to breeding exceptional dogs, Michele does an exceptional job of making the buying experience amazing.  I got weekly updates with pictures, videos and health information.  Anytime I had a question on anything related to my puppy, I would ask Michele and get a quick response. Whether you are buying your first dog or adding to your pet family, you will find working with Michele to be a wonderful experience.

And then when you get your new puppy you will be in heaven.  Our little furbaby has brought so much joy into our home that I will be forever grateful to Michele and her family.

                                                                          Flori - Salt Lake City, UT

I’ve been blessed with some wonderful pets in my life but I have to admit Michele has been the most excellent breeder I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She truly cares and loves the puppies she has and it has been my pleasure to purchase my puppy from her. She truly wants her puppies to go to a great home, healthy and cared for. If I can say one thing it’s that it is so comforting knowing you are getting a healthy, well care for puppy. My husband and I were very fortunate to get our little one. I have never laughed, smiled and been so happy as we have been with our “junior” He has brought us so much joy and not to mention he is so healthy and so family oriented. He is almost 9 months now and perfect. I just want to say thank you Michele, he was worth every penny. It really is so satisfying getting such a healthy puppy.                              Sheila in Clarksville, TN