Michele’s Maltipoos ~N~ More

Puppy Health Guarantee/Sales Contract

I am giving this health guarantee for the maltipoo puppy that I am selling. If your vet finds anything seriously wrong with this puppy within 72 hours of purchase the puppy can be returned and a refund will be given. (Shipping/travel expenses will not be refunded and buyer is responsible for return shipping/expenses.) This puppy has been vaccinated and dewormed current for it’s age, unless otherwise stated.

The date of birth is _____________.    Purchase Date: ______________

Buyer will update seller  and provide current photos of the puppy every 2 months up until at least 1 year of age. Would also appreciate yearly pictures and updates after that.  Buyer agrees to keep this dog groomed and at a healthy weight, and feed it a quality puppy/dog food. Buyer agrees to have this puppy spayed/neutered around 6 months of age and will not allow breeding to take place.

Seller agrees to replace the dog with another dog of equal value from the next available litter if it should have a major genetic fault (eyes/heart/ hips/patellas/liver shunts... etc.) This covers severe genetic faults that will cause the dog not to lead a healthy life as a pet. Genetic health guarantee is for 12 months from date of birth, with verification from the buyers veterinarian (i.e. x-rays, reports, etc.) and verification from seller’s veterinarian for proof. Seller MUST be notified within 12 months from date of birth with any complaints. Genetic faults that are NOT included in the 12 month health guarantee are under/over bites/umbilical hernia/allergies, or similar issues as these faults will not render the dogs life as a pet.

Under no circumstance will the buyer ever be allowed to keep the above canine and receive money or a replacement canine. Prior to any refund or canine replacement, the above canine and all paperwork shall be returned to seller, except in case of death. If buyer does not comply with the rules stated in this contract, all guarantees are null and void. Seller will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any veterinarian fees for the initial care, extended care, treatment or test of the above canine after purchase date. The buyer shall be responsible for any and all cost incurred,including return shipping if a refund is being issued. Accidental death is not covered. Please tell your vet DO NOT give the shot with Lepto, it is very dangerous for these small breeds, and can cause a serious reaction, possibly leading to death. My health guarantee is void if you choose to give the Lepto shot.

If at any time the buyer decides that he or she can no longer keep the dog they must first offer it back to the breeder at 25% of the  purchase price or agreed upon price for individual cases. I love my puppies and do not want to see them passed around. Please notify me before trying to rehome your pet...I prefer to help you if the need ever arises and may already have a family looking for an older puppy/dog.

I the buyer agree to take care of this puppy and give it a loving home. Any abuse or neglect of this puppy and I will forfeit the right to own the dog and the breeder will be allowed to seize the puppy and offer no reimbursement. I agree that I will not take it into public places (pet shops, dog parks, etc.) until it has had all of the appropriate puppy shots to protect it. I agree to take this dog to a licensed vet for  the remaining set(s) of puppy shots that are due at the appropriate age. This contract is void if I do not get the recommended shots done on time at a licensed vet. (In most cases the breeder will complete the 1st and 2nd set of shots at her vet at 6 and 9 weeks of age, and I am responsible for the 3rd set of puppy shots due at 12 weeks.)

*Buyer will notify seller of a new address/phone number should they decide to relocate.

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