******After you have explored my site if you'd like to join a waiting list for one of our puppies please contact me by filling out the form on the"Puppy Application" tab and submit your info to me. In most cases you'll hear back immediately or within a few hours. (I'm more than happy to talk in person I just want to keep my family safe so I have set up this form to help me eliminate scammers.) I know how it feels to be excited and have questions so I try not to make you wait! If you have questions before submitting then send me an email (below).  ***IF I have not responded to you within 24 hours then I may not have received your application...shoot me an email if you don't hear from me because I will NOT just ignore you. If I have any concerns I will talk to you about it so let me know if you haven't heard from me within 24 hours.

***I'm available to answer your questions anytime by emailing me at: puppypassion13@gmail.com

**We are located just outside of Clarksville city limits...in Tennessee. (about 1 hour south of Hopkinsville, KY and just over an hour north of Nashville, Tn)  

**We always love for families to pick up in person so we get to meet you! They are able to fly home with you as a carry-on if you live out-of-state and want to fly in for pick up. (our airport is BNA/Nashville, TN) However, for the puppy's safety, and for my sanity, I do not ship cargo. I have made a few exceptions when we had to, and have used Delta Cargo Pet shipping but that is a last resort. 

 **Normally I have waiting lists for all my puppies so you'd have to get on the list since I don't have puppies year round. (All good breeders who receive referrals will have waiting lists so it's a good thing.) 

You can click on the "Waiting List" and the "~N~ More" page to check if we have any puppies due soon or adult dogs available right now.

Contact Information: