One of the hardest parts of being a successful breeder is that you have to do what's best for the program if you want to continue having puppies to share with families. I can't keep every dog I've ever owned or I'd be overwhelmed with the grooming and run out of room in my house! It's heartbreaking, but I just can't  keep all of them.  Occasionally  I may have an adult dog that we've decided to rehome and I will post them for adoption up on this page.

********UPDATE******** Violet has been adopted by a wonderful family in Florida! She will have a 4 legged yorkie sister and some human siblings too. She will be very happy and I am thankful she will have a forever home. 

**I have one adult female poodle who is looking for the perfect forever family.  She is 5 years old. She is WONDERFUL in every way and you couldn't ask for a better friend and companion. She listens so well! She is an AKC Show Champion and was shown when she was younger.  She has perfect hips, eyes, body structure and is a breeder's DREAM....except for one little thing....after a lot of testing we found out she has a hypothyroid. Now that we have her on the right dose, she is perfect. BUT, as a responsible breeder I have to do the right thing and spay her so that she wouldn't pass this on to future puppies. This does not hinder her as a pet in any way. She just has to take a tiny pill morning and night to regulate her hormones, which she does gladly (i put it in a tiny piece of bread) (the Rx will transfer to your vet and the pills cost $24 for 160 pills so very cheap!)     I've already had her spayed and she is up-to-date on yearly shots and rabies.  Literally all she needs is a loving family!   I've got thousands of dollars invested in her  so just trying to recoup a fraction of that and asking $1000.  I promise she is well worth it and you will love her instantly!!


**Very happy to say that my sweet boy Zeus has been adopted by an amazing retired couple. He is living the dream life being spoiled rotten and getting to be their only furchild. I will always miss my sweet boy but I am very happy for him to have such a loving family.